You Shouldn't Have to Play on TV to Feel Like a Pro

It was late 2009, when I was enjoying another night of watching Major League Baseball games in my dorm room. When yet again, I noticed another professional baseball player wearing this compression arm sleeve I simply did not recognize but seemed to be popping up in every game I watched.

I decided enough was enough. There simply had to be a reason all these different ballplayers, across professional baseball were utilizing the same type of Compression Arm Sleeve - and I was going to figure it out!

From there, as they say, the rest is history. I got myself one of the sleeves I had seen being utilized across Professional Baseball and from the moment I put it on, I immediately understood why I was seeing them everywhere.

These aren't your standard arm sleeves you see little leaguers wearing. Far from it. These sleeves are designed to help pro promote a healthier arm by providing real compression that you can feel instantly.

Despite how amazing these sleeves made me feel, identifying and acquiring them was no walk in the park. This is why I decided to take it upon myself to help Serious Ballplayers everywhere get access to, not just Pro Style Compression Arm Sleeves, but the tools being utilized across Professional Baseball. 

I truly believe the best tools to survive & thrive in the world of baseball shouldn't be reserved for the top 1% or 2%, and hope Baseball Brilliance can help give you access to these tools while guiding you to Feel Like a Pro. 

- Aaron Brill

Founder of Baseball Brilliance

6-Year Professional Baseball Player

Aaron Brill First Professional Homerun

Grand Slam on 8/22/15 for the Joplin Blasters of the American Association