Season 2, Episode 6. Path Through Pro Ball with Former Pitching Coach for the Miami Marlins | Chad Rhoades

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Episode Description

Today is the Path Through Pro Ball with Chad Rhoades, a former pitcher in the Boston Red Sox organization, and then pitching coach in the Miami Marlins organization.

Chad truly has a unique perspective and journey through professional baseball - once you start listening, you are hooked! You can't help but get locked into how approaches baseball and life, all-in, all the time. Although, even Chad himself admits that he had to learn how to tone himself down at times to truly get the best results.

So turn the volume up and listen carefully to learn from Rhoades':

  • Grind Story about the sacrifices you need to be willing to make if you're serious about your baseball career.
  • Covering The Bases on how you can figure out who you are as a player. 
  • And his Inside the Clubhouse look at what it truly means to be a "baseball ballplayer."

Please keep in mind this episode was recorded in the back in March, so developments such as the Minor League Baseball season being canceled for 2020 are not addressed in this episode.

Make sure you tune in next Monday, August 3rd, for the next episode of the Baseball Brilliance Podcast, in which we will be doing the fourth installment of our Hit & Run segment on a topic that is scientifically proven to help with recovery and improve overall athletic performance. 

Until then, we'll catch you next time.

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