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Show Notes

On today’s Hit and Run episode, Joe Torre brings up some of the comments that are being said about him. Specifically, the Pecos League Website has posted some opinions about Joe that he feels the need to bring up. You will hear how you really need to do your homework to know what is true. Joe encourages you to do your homework on himself! 

 Here are some of the comments that have been said about him: 

“Joe Torre charges guys $2,000 and has nowhere to send ‘em.”

“Joe is a very bad representation for independent baseball and recently several players have detailed his process and his camp.”...

”His players will no longer be welcome in the Pecos League.”... 

 Joe’s favorite part from Matt Chambers is, “Joe has a level of unprofessionalism I have never seen at any level...Joe is one of the most disrespectful people I have ever talked to. He has all the answers regardless of the questions. Joe is in this for one reason - money in his pocket…” 

 Some differences that Joe points out is on the Pecos League website- there’s a place you can pay a fee. On the Black Sox website, there is no place for a fee. Joe also notes that If you look at the Players Promoted section on the Pecos League Website, many of these players were Black Sox players. You will hear the back and forth of Joe’s opinions on these comments about him.

Enjoy today’s Hit and Run!

P.S. Since the recording of this episode, the Pecos League Website has been updated and Black Sox players have been unbanned from the league.


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