Episode 8. Hit and Run #2 | The Motivation Behind Baseball Brilliance w/ BRILL

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Show Notes

Today on Baseball Brilliance, Aaron walks us through his reasoning behind starting a podcast and shares some of his goals. You will learn a lot of truths that Aaron had to learn the hard way. Baseball Brilliance is here to tell you the important things you need to know about being a professional that no one is going to tell you. You either sink or swim.

In 2014, Aaron had been playing baseball for the Québec City Capitales. He didn’t know what it would be like to be in such a professional environment. The one thing he made sure to do was be ready for practice at the times he was told. It never occurred to him that he could go early or stay later in the day. Aaron’s roommate was also a rookie but he had been in this routine a little bit longer. It seemed they were on the same schedule so nothing seemed off

One day, Aaron’s roommate went early to practice and the manager was wondering where Aaron was. This was confusing to Aaron because he had always been on time. Why was his manager questioning his work ethic? Aaron then realized that he could show up anytime he wanted to get more practice in. And that this is probably what had been expected of him.

Ultimately, when Aaron was released, the feedback was that he had been “lazy and didn’t want to work”. This caught Aaron completely off-guard since he considered himself a very hard worker. With Aaron’s experience today, he can understand this entire situation more clearly. Even though he knew he was ambitious, it was the perception of others that got him in trouble. He hadn’t been picking the brains of other players. He hadn’t been showing up early. No one told him he should have done these things.

The reason Aaron tells this story is because maybe there is something you don’t know... maybe even expectations of you aren't even aware of...

That's going to wrap it up for today but be sure to come back next week, Monday June 1st 2020, to catch episode 9! Episode 9 will actually be another Hit and Run episode, except its with Torre instead of Brill - and trust me, you won't want to miss this one!

Until then, we'll catch ya next time 🤟.


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