Episode 7. Path Through Pro Ball w/Joe Torre (Part 2)

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Show Notes

In this episode of the Baseball Brilliance podcast, host Aaron Brill continues to interview his co-host, Joe Torre.  Aaron first asks Joe what four pieces of advice he would give to other guys looking to handle their careers in a professional manner.  These ideas are intended to move from easiest to hardest, symbolically representing a single, double, triple, and home run.  Joe’s single is to “take care of your feet.”  In a literal sense, this means to actually care well for the feet that need to fit into cleats and take you on the field.  Metaphorically, it is a call to think carefully about what you’re doing and be prepared.  

Moving forward through the rest of the points, Joe’s double is to “fart smart,” which on one level refers to managing your physical life so you’re not needing to leave work to relieve yourself in unsanitary public facilities, and on another simply refers to considering how certain behavior will impact you on the field.  His triple is, “don’t tell her you love her,” which calls for avoidance of attachments and commitments that will hold you back in your career.  Joe’s home run is to “shut the f*** up.”  This simply means what it says; players ought to avoid unnecessary commentary that could cause management to not want them as players.  

Finally, Aaron asks Joe the “inside the clubhouse” question: What is a misconception either among people outside of pro ball or from Joe’s own pre-professional life about pro ball?  Joe’s response is that he finds many people failing to see pro ball as a full-time job.  On tv, Instagram, and such, all people see is the final product.  But there is a grind to work through before the end result!  Players ought to be taking care of themselves on and off the field, using off-season months to train hard and prepare for the season.  If they don’t treat their work as a full-time job, they won’t achieve the levels of success they desire.  

This is going to wrap-up our introduction to the Path Through Pro Ball series! Now that you are more familiar with our hosts and this interview format, you can expect to hear more Path Through Pro Ball Episodes with other professional ballplayers, managers, front office executives, and more! 

The Path Through Pro Ball series will continue in Season 2 of the Baseball Brilliance Podcast (10 episodes per season), but we still have 3 more weeks of Season 1 for you!

Be sure to tune back in next week on Monday, May 25th for the second installment of our Hit and Run episodes; you'll hear co-host Aaron Brill give you a quick rundown on what motivated him to start Baseball Brilliance back in 2014.

Until then, we'll catch you next time and see you next week!

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