Episode 6. Path Through Pro Ball w/ Joe Torre | Former Professional Baseball Player and Founder of Black Sox Pro Baseball (Part 1)

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Show Notes

In this episode of the Baseball Brilliance podcast, co-hosts Aaron Brill and Joe Torre begin to work through the interview questions they intend to use for all their conversations with players.  Aaron first describes what this interview pattern will include, and then demonstrates it in an interview with Joe that spans both this podcast episode and the next.  Before beginning the questions, though, Aaron discusses how he and Joe first met at the end of Aaron’s college years and how Joe worked hard to help him succeed. 

The more formal interview pattern includes three components. The first, “the grind,” details a story in the life of the player being interviewed that epitomizes the grind of a career in professional baseball.  The second, “covering the bases,” provides four tips to survive and thrive in the business.  The third, “inside the clubhouse,” asks a player to explain either the biggest misconception about pro ball he had before entering the field or the most prominent misconception he sees in people looking in on the field from the outside.

Aaron begins the interview questions by asking Joe to tell him about an incident that encapsulates “the grind” of a pro ball career.  After clarifying that the grind includes great commitment and sacrifice, Joe tells the story of his gruesome leg injury that required 50 stitches.  After getting patched up, he returned to his team in time to coach third base in full uniform and 100-degree weather, hobbling on the field after having to set aside his crutches.  The team scored 8 runs in the first inning that day, and 7 in the second. Joe did this for 3 or 4 games, resting and self-medicating in between so he could do his job on the field.  The days of work without receiving further care were, for him, a perfect picture of the grind.

Be sure to tune in next Monday, May 18th, to catch Part 2 of Joe's Path Through Pro Ball!

You'll hear his Covering The Bases (four-actionable tips to help you survive and thrive in professional baseball) and his Inside The Clubhouse (the most common misconception Joe has come across during his time in professional baseball). 

See you next week!

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