Episode 3. Path Through Pro Ball with Aaron Brill (Part 2)

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Show Notes

In this third episode of the podcast, we continue the “Path Through Pro Ball” series which will be an ongoing series in the podcast that functions as a platform for pro players to share from their personal experience in pro ball and is aimed at helping listeners have tangible takeaways that they can apply to their own lives and careers.

To start things off, Aaron and Joe jump back into their conversation from part one of this episode, talking about the injuries that Aaron has experienced throughout his career. Aaron’s number one suggestion for players to deal with their injuries is to read experts' material on injuries and keeping their bodies in shape. Aaron’s suggestion is to get books on tape and listen to them during commutes and workouts.

Joe expands on this point by emphasizing that listening to these books has become a part of Aaron’s routine, and routine is an incredibly important part of the life of a professional athlete. Aaron then explains that one of the worst injuries that he experienced was when he was playing overseas in Australia. He tore his PCL trying to make a play at the plate and had to go back home to the states to get healthy.

The two then transition the conversation to talk about The Grindand a behind the scenes look at playing professional baseball. Aaron believes that the number one misconception from the general public is that professional baseball players all make a decent amount of money and are living rather comfortably.

Aaron explains how that could not be further from the truth, comparing many professional baseball players to struggling artists. The only people making significant money as professional baseball players are the ones that the average sports fan would see on television.

Even then, only the upper percent of those players make enough money to live comfortably for life, many have to get into another career path to provide for themselves and their family.

The smart players are working on these future aspirations during their baseball careers. Aaron began working on his other ventures in his first professional off-season when he didn’t have to be in school, or playing baseball for the first time in his life.

The first avenue that he looked into was creating passive income through real estate, so he could have money work for him while he continued to work on and hone his craft in baseball. The next route to obtain more passive income was creating and selling products online through Amazon.

His Amazon business eventually led to his brand, Baseball Brilliance, where he began selling compression arm sleeves online support himself (Baseball Brilliance Pro Style Arm Sleeves).  Now, he is working on his podcast to create a knowledge-based business, rather than a product-based business.

Everything discussed in this episode, Aaron attributes back to his willingness to learn. He stresses that you cannot become successful in your craft, or in what you’re trying to without taking the time to absorb knowledge and learn from people who are already doing things well. In this realm, doing smart work is much more valuable than doing hard work and overextending yourself.

Aaron also argues that he doesn’t believe in the idea of trusting gut instincts, rather, he likes to take time to stop and think to consider what he really believes about the decision that he is about to make. Using this technique, he often finds that he agrees with his third option, rather than the first one that his mind comes up with.

To end this episode, they both emphasize reading and listening to expert thoughts and opinions.

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