Episode 1. Welcome to Baseball Brilliance | How To Survive & Thrive in the World of Professional Baseball

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Show Notes

Baseball Brilliance is hosted by Aaron Brill, a professional baseball player, and Joe Torre, an owner of the New Jersey Black Sox.

Joe shares his story of how he became a baseball player later in life and how that transformed into a coaching and managing career as well. Joe has now developed year-round professional baseball training across the country for emerging players.

In this episode, Aaron and Joe discuss how this podcast will help players survive and thrive in the world of professional baseball today.

Aaron and Joe talk about the goals and topics of this podcast. Other interviewed professionals will share their experiences and knowledge to help players in their own careers. The hosts discuss their segment called “the grind,” which aims to give the tools necessary for athletes to continue playing professionally for years to come.

They will also give an inside look at the big leagues and the truths a player should know before becoming a professional. Aaron and Joe are here to give the tools a player needs to play the long game of a professional athletic career.

In the podcast, Aaron and Joe will share truths and opinions to encourage players in whatever career season they are in. Just because a player is not a major league prospect today, it does not mean a player can’t become that prospect in the future with the correct tools and experience.

However, with the numerous ways to become a baseball player today, Joe wants athletes to become players in a professional and proper way. Aaron sees how many players have the tools to succeed but lack the understanding to use them in a game.

Aaron and Joe are ready to push players to put in the work today to become successful professional athletes in the future! 

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